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    Wallpaper Singapore – Picking the Perfect Wallpaper the First Time

    With lots of choices in the market, some individuals would really make a mistake the first time they pick their wallpaper.  Sometimes even twice.  To avoid errors and pick the right item the first time, one must consider just 3 things. For more information about wallpaper singapore click here.

    Design Options and Their Purpose

    • Flat and smooth wallpaper-  This design would give a polished look and is ideal in dining area or in the front entrance of your house. 
    • Textured and patterned wallpaper-  this design could hide the imperfections of the wall’s surface.  This could be used in the living room or in the bedroom.Wallpaper Singapore definitely has the variety of patterns and textures that you could choose from.
    • Striped wallpaper-  Horizontal stripes would make your room wider although the ceiling would appear to be shorter.  With vertical stripes, room would seem to be bigger and the ceiling higher.

    Choosing your material.

    • Vinyl-coated wallpaper-This material has a paper surface and paper backing and is sealed with liquid vinyl upon installation.  This makes it possible to be sponged off with soapy water.  This type is on the top choice of buyers since this is a do-it-yourself type of installation.
    • Solid vinyl wallpaper –This is made up of waterproof material which is ideal to be installed in the kitchen and bathroom areas where water exposure is prominent.  Just take note that if you changed your mind and wanted another wallpaper installed in your wall, this is the type that is hard to remove.

    Figuring how much volume of wallpaper you need.

    First, measure the height and width of the walls, multiply both.  Do the same for the other walls then add all the measurements.  Subtract the measurements of windows and doors.  Take note of these and bring the notes with you during your visit on the wallpaper Singapore store.  Examine the roll label available versus the measurement you need.  Buy an extra roll for back up.

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