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    What’s Next For Grand Theft Auto?

    Among all the titles in the Grand Theft Auto series, the GTA 5 download remains to be the most profitable despite the fact that it is already five years since it was first released. Though there are still some that maintain GTA Vice City download remains the best of the series, many can’t help but appreciate the excellent graphics and gameplay of the the GTA 5 download.

    The secret of the GTA success


    You might be wondering, why does  Grand Theft Auto  hold a very special place in the hearts of gamers all over world? Well for one, GTA free download had literally opened the door for similar video games in the market. In short, it was the Grand Theft Auto series that had started it all. This is mainly the reason why most players remain loyal to the series.


    Aside from the fact that it had successfully pioneered similar games, GTA proved to be a highly engaging and entertaining game that most of its players don’t see any reason to switch to others. This is also the reason why avid gamers are all waiting with bated breath the next installment of the series.



    Will fans finally see GTA 6?


    Of course, the question that fills everyone’s mind is when will the GTA 6 be launched. With the sales of GTA 5 hitting $800 million in its first day, fans are quite excited to see if GTA 6 will be able to surpassed its predecessors achievements. Unfortunately, rumor has it that GTA 6 will not be dropped anytime this year since its creators are busy with their other projects (i.e. Red Dead Redemption 2).


    However, hints that GTA 6 will again take set in Vice City is making fans dizzy with anticipation since it is one of the most famous locations in the series. Another rumor is that fans might finally be able to see a female protagonist in GTA 6 - a first in this wildly popular video game series.

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