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    PPI Claims Facts

    Over the last 30 years, PPI claims were mis-sold by almost all UK financial institutions. If you're one of those people who applied for such insurance, you may be eligible for a PPI claim. So, how do you know that you are eligible for such claim? Here are the facts that you must know.

    Name of the insurance

    You can be eligible if you have any of the following insurance -- Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover (ASU), Life & Accident, Sickness and Unemployment cover (Life & ASU), Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance (MPPI), Personal Loan Protection (PLP) or Credit Card Repayment Protection (CCRP). has various tutorials related to PPI Claims Company.

    Client status

    There are clients who cannot claim PPI but some are exempted including unemployed, civil servant, public employee, student and retired or self-employed claimant.

    Mis-selling checklist

    You may experience the misspelling on several occasions but you may not remember it. Here are the instances that you may recall.

    Unclear information - It happens when the salesperson did not make it clear that the insurance is an optional product. You're not also informed that there a cooling off period during which you could cancel.

    Pressure - It's one of the reasons why you accept the insurance.  There was a coercion. You're forced to buy.

    Packaged product - You're informed that you can only get the product if you claim a PPI. Or you're informed that getting the insurance can help you get the product.

    Cheaper with insurance - You're may be informed by the salesperson that you can have the product cheaper if you take the insurance.

    No insurance, no product - In the worst case scenario, you can't get the product without getting the insurance.

    So here the things that you need to check and to know whether you're eligible for PPI claims.

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