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    Tips on Being the Fun Babysitter

    Babysitting is not the easiest job in the world. Kids have a short attention span and these day, they can be really spoiled and bratty. As a babysitter, the only way to ensure that you get hired constantly is to make the kids love you. Kids talk about how much fun they have with their sitters all the time and if your kids does just that – you will be having constant employment. The key to winning a kid’s heart is to make sure that he or she is having fun all the time. You can find more details on girl games on the site

    Here are a list of babysitting activities that you can do to:

    • Bring some goodies. When you come over, have some goodies with you like homemade brownies or cookies that you made yourself or fruit slices. You can give them as snacks later on. You can also have candy and chocolate with you that you can use as a “reward” if you have trouble getting the kids to do something.
    • Do some arts and crafts. One way to keep kids busy for hours is arts and craft. Make sure you do age-appropriate projects. Impress the parents by bringing your own arts and craft kit.
    • Let them “help”. Kids love to do things by themselves. If you are babysitting a child who always insists on doing things his way, allow him to help in activities that you think will do no harm like stirring their own drinks or arranging their toys.
    • Go digital. When you are having a hard time impressing the kids, bring out your tablet. Make sure you download a lot of games for girls and boys beforehand. Choose games that do not need Wi-Fi connection so that youc an leave your gadget with them without worrying that they may post something accidentally online or mess up your email.

    Of course, no matter what you plan to do, you should always check with the parents first to make sure that they approve of these activities. Aside from being a responsible babysitter, make sure that these activities are enjoyable by being fun and energetic yourself. Smiling all the time will go a long way.

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