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    SEO Auckland Names the Basic Elements of SEO Audit

    Among all the SEO services in the market, SEO audit is one of the most underused and underrated. This is mainly because some so-called “SEO experts” downplay its importance. However, if you are really serious in making your website a success, you’d need to conduct an SEO audit at least twice each year to keep your online marketing tools updated. A good SEO Auckland audit will generate a significant increase in your web traffic. Find more Information about link visit on

    Basically, a good Auckland SEO audit must answer the following questions:


    1. Is the website searchable?

    For obvious reasons, the primary reason of creating a website is to reach a wider range of audience. This is why SEO experts agree that the first step to properly audit your website is to check for indexing issues. When properly indexed, the site’s content will be easily accessible to search engines.


    1. Are you using the right keywords?

    Again, it all boils down if your website is searchable. Using generic keywords will not help your target in getting the web traffic you want. Thus, keyword analysis as well as content evaluation are key steps that shouldn’t be missed when conducting an SEO audit.


    1. Is your content reaching the right audience base?

    Search engines put great stock on user readability of a website. That is, your content should have enough quality information to attract customers into clicking the next page to read more. Never, ever put out a page with very ‘thin’ content since search engines will never be enticed to index those. You’ll just end up with a web page that nobody has read because search engines already deemed it not worth their time.


    1. Are your URL names descriptive and useful?

    This is also a part of search engines’ campaign to improve user experience. Website URLs should always be concise, but still be able to orient both the user and the search engine where the page is located within the website.

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