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    Are you familiar with mini storage or self storage?  Self storage short for self-service storage or commonly known as mini storage wherein storage space such as rooms, containers, lockers and/or outdoor space referred to as storage units that is rented to tenants on a short term basis. Mini storage tenants refer to businesses and individuals.

    There has been a growing demand for both residential and commercial storage and the development of self storage business started in the late 1960’s, wherein real estate builders or developers set the sell storage industry that has doubled in like in Hong Kong. More information on Self Storage hong Kong on

    The mini storage Hong Kong has become trending in the 90’s and every year the self storage industry has immensely because of the rapid urbanization and online retailing. This has geared the demand with mini storage Hong Kong since there are many tech savvy user both individuals and businesses.

    The necessity of mini storage Hong Kong

    Self storage or mini storage Hong Kong has been a non-traditional real estate investment opportunities because of the benefits of stable rental income for both individuals and corporate users.

    Hong Kong is well known for its “shoebox” apartments and about 88% of the large units are equipped with a dedicated storage room and about 76% or 852,000 residential units lacks a dedicated storage area then comes the mini storage industry or mini storage Hong Kong.

    Many users have accepted the need of self storage or mini storage Hong Kong mainly because of two major concerns which are accessibility and security. Customer service is one of the priority intended for those who want to avail of the mini storage Hong Kong and when it comes to security, a number of mini storage operators who have installed identification systems such as smart card readers for those customers to have an access of their stuff 24 hours. In addition, mini storage Hong Kong operators have also installed CCTV’s and other security system to keep their customers has the peace of mind in terms of mini storage.

    For mini storage Hong Kong, currently there are bulky items being store in this kind of industry since customers have been increasingly storing highly valuable and special items in their facility. Some would store sports gear, wine collections and seasonal clothing are some of the most common items for mini storage Hong Kong.

    The Hong Kong government is giving efforts to give in to the demand and increase of residential supply that has greater effect on mini storage or self storage industry. Most of the mini storage Hong Kong operators offer product receiving services online and delivered or picked for their mini storage Hong Kong space.

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