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    Tips for a Safe Online Transaction

    Online transactions are so easy to make and cyber criminals and hackers can get your credit card details just as easily. Securing your financial information online is a must these days. Here are some tips that you can use to avoid fraud and identity theft:

    Make sure you are using a secured connection

    You can tell if a site is secured if its address uses https:// instead of http://.The “s” stands for “secured” using SSH indicating that you are using a secured and encrypted connection. Another indicator is a lock symbol.

    Use a virtual keyboard

    When entering your password and personal information, use virtual keyboards, especially when you are not using your own computer. A physical keyboard can be easily compromised by a key logger software. Virtual keyboards are more secured.

    Test the transaction with a fake credit card

    You can use a Tech and Business - to get a fake credit card that works just as well as a credit card from banks like Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Citibank, and Chase. But take note that you cannot use these cards for purchasing. You still need your real credit card for that. The credit card works in a way that it will be accepted by the transaction and allow you to see how the transaction process works. They are solely made for validation purposes. If your testing transaction runs smoothly, you can be more confident about using your real credit card in the site.

    Keep track of all transactions

    It is important to always keep a record of all your transactions so you can compare them with your bank account statement and easily spot any false transactions. If you spot some purchases that you did not make, contact your bank immediately. With these steps in mind, you will surely be able to shop online with more confidence and less fear about your financial security.

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