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    Marquis Reagent And Its Common Test Results

    The Marquis reagent was discovered by the pharmacologist named Eduard Marquis who was born on 1871 and died around 1944. It is a primary test that gives presumptive results that is usually included in Ecstasy test kits but it can also be used for a lot of different tests such as opiates, heroin and a whole lot more. It is very easy to use and the results are fairly easy to see as well. In case you are wondering the color scheme, here are some of its common test results that might be useful to you in the future. More information on Marquis Reagent on


    If your sample turns out to be MDA, you would have a color black or purple solution instead of a clear and colorless one. it should take around five seconds to do so and you have to note that there may be some dark purple tints in the solution.


    For amphetamine and methamphetamine, the color would range from orange to dark brown. It may also have some brown tint as well. You would see this result on about zero to five seconds after you have dropped your Marquis reagent to your compound.


    For 2C-B the color is quite distinct so you would not mistake it with another one. You should have a yellow to green colored solution after adding the Marquis reagent in your compound of interest and it should appear there after five to ten seconds. There color may eventually change from your original results but it is going to be quite something for sure.


    For this substance, you should be able to get a gray color to a black color within fifteen to thirty seconds after dropping your reagent. Initially there would be no change so you can easily differentiate it with MDA. Make sure to note the reaction time so that you would not get confused at all.

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