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    Composition Of A Salt Chlorinator

    There are different parts to a salt chlorinator that you might not know about. To understand how the process works and the effects that a salt chlorinator gives to your pool, it would be good to take a good look on the basic parts that it has. With enough knowledge about the parts, you should be able to properly trouble shoot it in case something goes wrong. Knowing the different parts of your item is essential in both understanding and repairing it later on so it would be good to know more about them. Here they are so you can understand more about it. Learn about salt chlorinator on


    The cell is one of the major parts of your salt chlorinator. It is the one that is responsible for converting your salt into chlorine that is used in order to clean the pool. Water is able to pass through into the cell and also over the solid plats which are coated with iridium and the like. These metals naturally occurs and are usually charge in order to allow the salt to be converted to the chlorine atoms through the process called electrolysis. They are quite amazing indeed and it would be nice to look at it when the product arrives at your doorstep.

    Control board

    This is the one that is used in order to control the whole system of your salt chlorinator, so it is also important to know more about it. The primary purpose or usage of this item is in order to provide the right amount of voltage and electricity to the system. It is made so that the pool owners would be able to control how much electricity they want to add to the system, you should really make sure that this part is working, above everything else there is.

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